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SVATV – Organic Premium Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder (Organic Premium Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powde)

Organic Premium Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

What is Matcha ? Matcha is the finest quality Green Tea from Japan. It is made from stone-ground and powdered green tea leaves and contains very high levels of antioxidants. Matcha literally means “Powdered Tea” and yet it’s a very special type of green tea grown only in Japan. It is a highly-prized, jewel-green powder that is whisked in a bowl with hot water to make a frothy beverage of the same name, or added to other recipes such as lattes, smoothies, savory sauces, or pastries. Preparation of matcha is the focus of the Japanese tea ceremony, and has a long association with Zen. Matcha is the only form of tea in which the whole leaf is consumed. Because it is made only from top-quality young leaves that are grown, harvested, and prepared with great care, it has a much more beneficial health profile than other green teas. Its flavor and texture are unlike other teas; matcha is a beautiful and richly-flavored beverage. What does Matcha taste like? High levels of chlorophyll and amino acids give Matcha its unique, wonderful flavor. Unlike many teas which require sweeteners, Matcha has its own sweetness. Matcha made in the traditional Japanese style, whisked with water, is a full-bodied green tea. Like dark chocolate or red wine, Matcha has a rich flavor that you appreciate more over time. When added as an ingredient, matcha adds its characteristic lovely green color and a subtle flavor. What are the health benefits of Matcha? Matcha is renowned for its plethora of health benefits. It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and chlorophyll. Read more: Health Benefits of Matcha.

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SVATV ceremonial Grade Matcha is a very high quality, hand-picked, granite stone-grounded and powdered green tea leaves that meets all of the high regulations of Japanese Organic Agricultural Standards
Smooth, delicate taste with layered sweetness and bitterness. Our Superior Matcha is ideal for daily use
Organic Certified by USDA & JAS and qualified to be sold as Organic WorldWide. We use grinding in the traditional way by granite stones in a carefully-controlled environment, which greatly contributes in the conservation of the nutrients in the Matcha.
Produced & Packed in Japan : Region: Nishio, Aichi Prefecture, Japan Type: Thin, Usucha

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